Your dreams are one of the most precious gifts you have and you must protect them very carefully. You must be aware of who you share them with and make sure it’s with people that will support them. Yes, that might mean keeping certain things for yourself even from people close to you.

It’s not about being secretive or dishonest. It’s about understanding that every person you share your hopes and dreams with will either help you achieve them or the opposite.

I’ve had to protect my dreams at certain moments from people I loved because they didn’t necessarily understand my decisions and they were filled with fear which I didn’t want to be contaminated with.

We must learn to trust our intuition and what is calling us and block out the external noise. We just listen to that inner guidance and joy let other people’s fears pollute our vision.

Keep those dreams to yourself if necessary and know that you don’t need other people’s approval to move forward.

The more confident and comfortable  you are with your decisions, the less you need other people to be. Wishing you a lovely Sunday

Geneviève xo