How often do you let fear guide your decisions? Is fear at the wheel most of the time? Contrary to what I believed for a long time, fear isn’t necessarily the enemy, depending on the power you give it. Fear is the voice that can protect us when we are in physical danger so it does have its purpose.

Where it doesn’t have its place is when we want to try something new or embark on a project that makes us feel vulnerable for example. Fear screams loudly when we are considering walking off the beaten track and yet we aren’t putting ourselves in any real physical danger.

It’s the ego that is afraid and trying to convince us to play safe. The ego tells us that we might be judged by others or worse that we will judge ourselves. The remedy to the voice of fear is acknowledging its presence but not letting it control our decisions. Telling it thank you for wanting to protect us but that we will be fine.

It’s Elizabeth Gilbert that taught me this way of viewing fear and I love it. She says that life is like a road trip and fear will probably always be our travel buddy there accompanying us whether we like it or not. Fear can voice his opinion but he must stay in the back seat. He doesn’t get to drive or chose what music you’ll listen to during your journey.

The thing with fear is that it can keep us from discovering amazing detours. Sure, staying on the main road is safe but how much fun is it that? We have one life to live and we should never let fear determine our future or our present for that matter. Wishing you a wonderful day where you tell fear to take the back seat and you enjoy being at the wheel feeling free and at peace.

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