Being confident in your decisions and what your intuition is telling you is crucial to create a fulfilling life. When we rely on other people’s opinions to guide us we can really get lost. As younger souls we might look to more experienced loved ones for advice but remember that your path is your path.

What brings happiness to one person might not do the same for another.

We have the guidance within us to know what’s best. Sometimes we just let the Ego confuse us. Trust your decisions and know that even if you make a mistake, you will learn something from it that will put you back on the right path.

Know that others will give you advice based on their own fears, experiences and failures and you shouldn’t let that taint your own unique path.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you stop looking on the outside for answers and start going within and trusting what you find. ♡

Geneviève  xoxo | Image via Kelly Rutherford

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