To do your best is to give it your all based on what you have to give on that day. Some days are easier than others and some are harder. There’s no need to compare or be harsh with ourself on the days that are more challenging.

In fact, that’s when we need to tap into kindness and cut ourselves a little slack. If you’re anything like many people of my generation, you’re very performance and results driven. That can be a very positive mindset but it can also be a draining one from time to time.

It’s all about finding balance and knowing when to push vs when to take a step backSometimes doing your best will mean forcing yourself to stop, take a break and replenish your energies (for some, including me, this is challenging).

Take a moment to determine how you can do your best today and be the best version of YOUDecide if you need to be in a state of action or letting go and take it from there. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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Image via Damoy Antwerp