This week’s new video asks “When is it okay to break up with a friend?” (live on the blog tonight!). I know it’s a delicate subject and it’s something we don’t really want to think about but toxic friends are a major obstacle to living healthy + happy.

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So, we sometimes have to let go of certain people in order to grow. It might be a friend that’s been in our life for a long time or perhaps even a family member.

It’s not to say that we should discard people but we definitely need to assess if those that surround us contribute to our health and happiness or if it’s the opposite.

It’s so important to have a tribe that is aligned with your core values and that allows you to thrive.

The people you surround yourself with will either inspire or drain you so choose them wisely. Take a moment this week to notice the energy of the souls you connect with most often.

Ask yourself if they are allowing you to step into your full potential and if you are doing the same for them. You don’t need to make any rash decisions but do be honest with yourself.

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Wishing you a wonderful day where you start building a tribe that leads you to being your authentic amazing self. ♡

Geneviève xoxo

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