The most precious and important gift you can give yourself in this lifetime is self love. Because we cannot give what we don’t have we must develop kindness and compassion for ourselves in order to be able to direct it towards others.

Because trying to get through life while having harsh thoughts about ourselves makes everything an uphill battle.

We can learn to stop believing the negative dialogue that sometimes goes on in the mind. We can learn to replace each critical thought by one that is positive and loving.

By doing so we pave the way for growth and realizing our full potential. A potential that not only benefits us but those around us as well- near and far.

If you currently believe that your life won’t amount to much it probably won’t.

If you presently think that you are not worthy, you won’t be able to create the magic you are meant to. It’s crucial that you start seeing what an incredible being you are. To see the beauty you can bring to the everyday thanks to the precious gifts you have.

Check in with yourself daily and notice if your thoughts are contributing to or hindering a healthy + happy life.

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Geneviève xo

(Image by PORTER magazine)