We must work hard sometimes at managing our expectations. Rather than wanting the present moment different than it is, why not see the good in it? Sure, certain times are more challenging than others but I now try to embrace life exactly as it is, because you know what? It is.

Meaning that fighting what it is a little crazy when you think of it. Not wanting the present moment to be how it is can only cause discomfort and suffering. It causes stress and unhappiness when really, we have so much to be joyful about.

Whether it’s wishing there were more hours in the day to do all that is needed or that a certain outcome didn’t unfold the way it did, we can still tap into joy and focus on our blessings.

I try to practice the mantra « everything is perfect ». Not as in I expect my life to be perfect but rather, life is perfect exactly as it is even with its imperfections.

Sometimes we think the present moment is not as it should be but when we reflect back on a time we found difficult, there was a reason for that period and it eventually brought you to a better place.

Trust the Now and what life is sending your way even if you can’t currently make sense of it. See the good in all around you and within rather than wishing it was somehow different.

Wishing you a wonderful week. xo

P.S. Thank you Tracy Campoli for inspiring today’s post.