Despite the fact that most people search for it via external circumstances, happiness is an inside job. Life has its twists and turns and if we rely on the outside world to bring us joy it can be a rocky road. Making a distinction between pleasure and joy is key.

Pleasure can certainly come from the outside, from enjoying the temporary experiences that life offers us. Joy is deep rooted and does not need to be affected by the ups and downs we go through as humans.

Joy can be found in self love and self acceptance, in releasing judgment and separateness towards others.

When we stop comparing and labeling whether we are better than or less than, we can feel joy in just being our true self. When we choose love and inner peace over fear and the ego, we tap into joy.

The keyword is CHOICE

Because we cannot control outside circumstances we must focus our precious energy in how we choose to react to what life presents us. We might lose a job, a partner or struggle with our health but if we focus on what truly matters on the inside, there could be a storm outside but we will still find calmness within.

It’s not to say it’s an easy feat but it’s one that is well worth it and we can take steps everyday to access that inner peace and happiness more often. Start by developing more presence and awareness during your day. Check in with your mental and emotional state. 
What is the dialog going on? Is it conductive to feeling more at peace? If not, how can you change it?  Wishing you a wonderful day filled with many moments of mindfulness and self love.

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Image by Too Wordy