Greatness lives within you. Take a moment to pause and see how you feel about this statement. Do you believe it? Did you feel like rolling your eyes at it when you read it? What we believe about our capabilities affects everything we do in our life.

If we think we are small, then we act small.

If we think greatness lives within us, we will strive to bring it out and offer it to the world. Believing in the greatness within us isn’t about the ego. It’s about tapping into the gifts we have and bringing them forth in various ways.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose gestures or life altering moments.

It can be as simple as being present and loving with those around us. We often don’t realize the impact we have on our surroundings. Everything we do has an energy to it that affects other people and determines the outcomes of certain situations.

Are you currently be in survival mode and just getting by?

Whether that’s because you are struggling financially or because you’re a mother that also has a demanding job, know that this too shall pass and things will get better but you will have to make a conscious decision for that shift to happen.

That shift could be created by taking time to think about the greatness that lives within you and how you can use it to enhance your life and the lives of others. In order to do this, you need moments of stillness so make sure you reserve a few of them for yourself this weekend.

Step out of the mind and into your heart

Find your way to get back in touch with your soul by taking a walk, a bath, meditating, reading your favourite magazine or whatever soothes you. It’s that quiet and inner peace that will bring the guidance you need. Wishing you a wonderful day!

Recommended readThe School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

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Lewis Howes is an amazing life coach. I listen to his podcasts regularly and I loved this book. I highly recommend it to help you tap into your greatness and live up to your full potential. You can purchase the book here (Kindle or hardcover).

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