Happy international women’s day! This is the perfect occasion to give yourself permission to live a big life. I am in awe at what we can accomplish and the beauty we have to offer this world. We create beauty from how much we love, from our much we care and from how courageous we are. Never forget the beauty you possess inside of you even during the tough times. Especially during the tough times actually.

You are so resilient and so much stronger than you thinkCelebrate yourself and the women you know, not just today but everyday. We’ve come a long way but we still have work to do. Those of us that live in freedom and abundance have a responsibility to use that strength to help those that are still struggling around the world.

We are creating a major shift right now and we will make this world a better one a step at a time. Every morning I ask life to show me how I can help create more peace, love, kindness and compassion. More inspiration, beauty, laughter and light. What do you think you are meant to bring? Start right now with your immediate surroundings.

It’s how we are in our own little world that trickles through to changes happening far beyond us. Give yourself permission to live a big life and step into who you are truly meant to beThat greatness is already there inside of you and each day you can bring it out more and more. Sending all you fabulous gals lots of love!

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Image via Lisa Messenger an amazing woman that is making her mark in the world.