You are here to do great things. You are here to tap into your talents and into the things you enjoy to allow others to benefit from them (i.e. fulfilling your purpose). So often when we are doing something we enjoy but that doesn’t seem “productive” we feel guilty. Our rational mind whispers “Why are you wasting your time doing this?”

The truth is, there are so many wonderful gifts that life offers and we can pay forward but if we let our mind/Ego run the show, we miss out on the most precious experiences.

Whether you know what your purpose is or not, allow yourself to play. Listen to what your soul is calling for and when time passes by in a flash because you’re having fun.

I want to thank my fellow Canadian blogger Mélanie Voyer for reminding me of this quote. She is a great example of fulfilling your purpose and doing what you love. She has tapped into her talent to inspire many people including me.

Geneviève xo