Do you sometimes expect to be good at something right away and get discouraged if you’re not? Whether it’s working out, developing a new skill or even entering a new relationship, there is always a learning curve.

The problem is that we sometimes don’t give ourselves that chance to be beginners.

As a perfectionist I know what it can be like to not even take on a new challenge because I’m afraid I won’t excel at it right away. Sometimes though I don’t realize that’s the reason I am procrastinating getting started.

Has that ever happened to you? Do you give yourself permission to be mediocre for a little bit?

In this immediate gratification society we’ve come to want success overnight but that ain’t how life rolls. We must put the work in and endure a period of discomfort and adaptation before we can get really good.

It’s just the name of the game and the faster we realize that the sooner we can tackle challenges that will make us grow and allow us to reach our full potential. Wishing you a healthy + happy day and make sure you check out my latest video post from Switzerland!

Geneviève xo

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(Image by Secret Weapon Creative)