Do more of what makes you happy. Keeping today’s daily inspiration short and sweet as I’m currently in England spending some quality time with the BF and his family and don’t want to be isolating myself in my room too long glued to my phone. I love this message because of this simplicity but also because we need to remind ourselves that life is short and we must enjoy every single moment of it.

Can you identify what truly makes you happy? Do you leave enough time in your day to do whatever brings you joy? Being that it’s Friday, today’s daily inspiration can be a good reminder and mantra to focus on and see if there could be ways for us to do more of what makes us happy.

It can be more travel, more time with friends, or something as simple as more time in nature or reading a good book. Your heart knows the answer more than your head does so don’t force yourself to “think” up the answer to how you can get closer to happiness. It’s a little voice inside you that whispers guidance but you have to quiet the mind enough to hear it.

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(Image via my new favourite artist Maiko Nagao who has an amazing shop on her site from which you can buy some of her lovely prints.)

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