Why are we so afraid of the unknown? Why do we always feel the need to “fill space” or feel like everything is under control? Human nature I guess. That need for certainty and security. That said, this need can sometimes keep us stuck and stop us from welcoming something even better in our lives.

Whether it’s a relationship that has clearly run its course, a job that no longer suits you or a project that simply doesn’t set your soul on fire anymore: you can let go and leave room for something new to show up.

But that’s the trick, become comfortable in that space of “emptiness”. We should learn to embrace that feeling and see it as a beautiful blank canvas rather than something scary.

It’s only by creating space that the answers and next steps can become clear and rise within us.

Find a moment today to see how you can create a bit of space in your life. A place where you slowly become at ease with openness and what’s to come next even if that isn’t perfectly clear right now.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

Geneviève xo