To choose kindness is to welcome inner peace. Offer kindness to yourself and others, especially those who irritate you (they usually need it the most). When someone aggravates us, our default reaction is often to be defensive and perhaps even to judge.

I know this happens to me despite my best intentions. It’s important to look into what is making us react and then to choose to stand in a place of love.

When I have a judgemental dialog going on in my head, I pause and consciously decide to choose kindness and love rather than fear and judgment. “Choosing love” might sound vague or cheesy to you and if so it’s only because you had stepped away from it but you can come back to it at any moment.

Give it a try next time you are feeling fearful or anxious. Tell yourself “I could see peace instead of this” (a favourite mantra by my girl Gabrielle Bernstein). I recite this at moments when I’m in a judgmental mindset either towards myself or others and it really helps me feel calmer and shift my attitude to a more loving one.

If you often feel anxious, you’ve probably been choosing fear over love. Don’t judge this. Simply acknowledge it and throw kindness to yourself. Then make a conscious decision to start choosing love over fear moment by moment.

Choose to laugh at the chaos of life and don’t take things so seriously. This journey can really be a blessing and it all starts with the right mindset no matter what your current reality is. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with kindness and laughter.

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Image by Melo and Co.