Why should you aim for excellence rather than perfection? Because trying to be perfect is a total waste of energy. It’s striving for something impossible and will just make us miserable. I love this quote because us perfectionists need this as a daily reminder. For example, this morning my body was quite sore from running and doing an intense yoga class yesterday.  My usual perfectionist self might have said “might as well not workout today if you can’t give 110%” but I felt that I wanted to give my body the exercise it needed even if I didn’t go full power.

I did some pretty hard ab exercises (see my Instastories for my daily workouts) but didn’t do them as full on as I usually do. Still, I was happy that I showed up for myself and gave it my very best with the level of strength and energy I have today (and not comparing with previous workouts and critiquing my performance).

Perfectionism can be paralyzing or it can allows us to strive for excellence while give ourselves permission to make mistakes and learn as we go.

It’s more important to get started and keep giving your all every day than staying stuck in fear because you’re scared it won’t be perfect. Have a good one! 

Geneviève xo