We all know by now that chocolate is the best invention ever. We must also acknowledge that if we start eating it as much as we would really like to, we are going to have to wear stretchy pants full time. This is when healthy substitutes to the traditional high calorie (and often unhealthy) chocolate treats are a welcome alternative. Enter these vegan chocolate-covered banana almond butter bites.

They remind me of the vegan chocolate cake balls I love so much but they are even healthier (hello potassium rich banana and protein packed almond butter!). I first made these as a snack for my dad who has daily sugar cravings. Instead of indulging in a Coffee Crisp filled with nasty ingredients, I suggested that he try these instead. One bite and he was sold (the Coffee Crisp is still gathering dust in the cupboard).

BTW, apologies for the photo. I still don’t have the optimal set-up but I’m working on it. Should have some decent lighting and a new camera very soon!

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