If you are like me, you enjoy having a sweet treat every once in a while. Oh, who are we kidding, I would eat chocolate every day if it were healthy and calorie free. The thing with sweets is that they are often served in fairly large portions but often I just need a bite or two to satisfy my craving. That’s why these vegan and gluten free chocolate ball recipes are so wonderful: you can just have a couple and feel 100% satisfied.

This first coconut chocolate ball recipe is a recent discovery and I love just how simple it is while the second one requires more steps. They look super cute (presentation is part of the pleasure of eating n’est-ce pas?) and the pairing of chocolate and coconut is just divine.

The vegan and gluten free chocolate cake balls by Oh She Glows are still totally worth the effort and I’ve made them almost every Valentine’s Day for years now.

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If you give them a try let me know what you think! Geneviève xo

P.S. If ever you make muffins or cupcakes and they come out exactly the way you wanted, this last recipe is perfect to transform your messed up muffins into something delicious!

Feature photo by Stephanie Sain

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