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Watch: what you want vs what you actually need

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Don’t think there is a different between what you want vs what you need? There are probably 3 potential reasons for this: A) life has been pretty gentle with you B) you might be of a younger age and haven’t fully plunged into those key milestones (the serious long term relationship, the stable job, etc) […]

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Learning to be in the now

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Do you often wish your present moment was different than it is? Are you somewhere wishing you were elsewhere? This is very common but it also causes us stress and makes us feel discontent with our reality. We think that the future will bring us more happiness than the present but the truth is, learning to be in […]

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Relax and start enjoying your journey

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It’s crucial to your health and happiness to take moments to rest and start enjoying your journey rather than always obsessing about what’s next. It’s so funny that most of us (and I’m including myself here) focus most of our attention on a certain “destination”. We have objectives and goals and we believe that we will be […]

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The most important factor when making lifestyle changes

lifestyle changes, wellness, happiness, self improvement, self help, personal development,

Today, were talking about how small lifestyle changes can lead to big results. Have you ever given yourself a challenge only to realize that right from the start you didn’t really believe you could accomplish it? Whether it’s cutting out unhealthy foods, learning a new language or starting to exercise, you had great intentions but […]

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The joys of simply being

just be, being, simly being, human being, stillness, meditation, present moment, inner peace, happiness, personal growth, personal development, self improvement, spirituality

You’ve probably started this week with a full to do list, telling yourself I am going to get things done! Being an ambitious woman myself, I am very good at setting high standards for what I will accomplish during my day. As soon as I wake up, different tasks pop into my head. Even as […]

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This too shall pass

wellness, happiness, well-being, health, healthy living, coach, coaching, mindful, mindfulness, mindful living, personal development, personal growth, self help

Were some of you freaking out last Friday when they were forecasting snow for this coming Wednesday? I remember it being such a beautiful sunny day and thinking why on earth aren’t people enjoying this amazing weather instead of focusing on what might or might not happen 5 days from now? Now obviously, there is […]

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