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5 ways to stop unhealthy snacking

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I’ve struggled with unhealthy snacking habits for part of my life and now that I’ve developed some effective tricks I wanted to share my 5 favourites with you. My approach is not about not about depriving ourselves, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s about setting ourselves up for success by putting a few key strategies […]

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Is your mindset helping or hurting your health?

hurting your health, mindset, positive thoughts, negative thoughts, self esteem, wellness, health, healthy, healthy living, healthy eating, diet, fitness, weight loss, self image, self love, self care

You might think that living a healthy life is all about what you DO but it actually starts with what you THINK. Everything that goes on in your head deeply affects your behaviour. If you’ve been struggling with eating the right food or perhaps can’t find the motivation to get your body moving, here are […]

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How I got into the best shape of my life

best shape of my life, shape, fitness, health, wellness, healthy living, healthy eating

With the new year in full gear and those resolutions seeming further and further away, you might have started doubting whether you can stay on the path of living the healthy lifestyle you promised yourself on December 31st. My first answer to any doubts you are having is that yes, you can 100% be the […]

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30 days – 30 healthy recipes

healthy recipes, clean eating, soup, detox, detox recipe, healthy recipe, broccoli, green soup, healthy eating, healthy living

After the excesses of the holidays, your body is probably craving healthy recipes and lots of self care. If in the past, new year meant new diet, that non-sense is stopping here and now. Even though your intention was good (i.e. improving your health and getting a fit body) a diet is just a recipe […]

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Meatless Monday: coconut curry soup

curry soup, coconut curry soup, soup, recipe, wellness, healthy eating, healthy living, tofu, vegetarian, tofu recipe, vegetarian recipe, coconut milk recipe

Last weekend, I got together with my blogger buddy Chadi of Brunettes Have More fun and we made the most incredible coconut curry soup recipe. Having blogger friends, and even better a foodie blogger friend is great because she always allows me to discover fabulous new food blogs. Case in point: Pinch of Yum. Lindsay, the […]

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Passion fruit yogurt perfection

passion fruit, yogurt, dairy, morning, breakfast, recipe, healthy eating, ideas, food, foodie

If you have been following the Red Fairy Project here on the blog or via Instagram, you know this girl is a big breakfast lover. Not just any breakfast though. It’s got to be an inspiring breakfast! Healthy, pretty and not just the same old same old cereal or toast.  The base of this recipe […]

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Nectarine, feta and walnut salad

nectarine, salad, recipe, watercress, healthy eating, feta, cheese, vegetarian

After having a few cooler days here in Switzerland, it’s was back to warm weather and so my cravings for a light salad have returned. I whipped up this healthy recipe with left over ingredients we had in the fridge and it turned out amazing! The combination of the nectarine with the feta cheese and […]

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Why watercress is the new kale

watercress, salad, kale, nutritious, healthy, antioxidants, recipe, greens, veggies, wellness

Although kale has been at the top of the superfood chain for a while now, there’s a new leafy green that has stolen my heart and he has a lot going for him. Watercress isn’t actually “new” but it is new in my food repertoire. Not sure why I hadn’t incorporated it before but now […]

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Basil, feta & sweet corn salad

watercress, salad, feta, basil, summer, recipe, wellness, healthy eating, quick, easy, vegetarian, corn, fresh, light, sweet corn salad

I am super excited to announce that the Red Fairy Project has its first celebrity guest chef presenting an amazing  sweet corn salad! Not only is he talented in the kitchen but he comes to us from the UK (gotta love that sexy accent) and is extremely handsome. Oh, and he’s also my boyfriend. ;) […]

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Zucchini rolls with passion fruit & lemon ricotta

Zucchini rolls with passion fruit, recipe, healthy eating, foodie, courgette, zucchini, rolls, ricotta, cheese, passion fruit, vegetarian, green kitchen stories, summer meal, idea

With hotter days finally here, I’m really into making lighter meals. I was drawn to this recipe in particular because it features passion fruit which is one of the most delicious tasting and smelling treats mother nature has to offer. I also love grilled vegetables and so paring the two just seemed like a no-brainer. […]

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Everything but the kitchen sink salad

Everything but the kitchen sink salad, salad, recipe, pesto, gluten free, vegetarian, sunflower, seeds, tomatoes, vegetables, healthy eating, sprouts, meals, easy,

I discovered some fantastic new foodie Instagram accounts and blogs this week thanks to this article on the Collective Hub. One of them is Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest and as soon as I saw her photo for this Everything but the kitchen sink salad recipe, I had to make it. I’m a sucker for a salad […]

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Avocado & carob nib smoothie

avocado, smoothie, recipe, spinach, healthy eating, idea, simple, morning, breakfast, snack, protein, almond milk, coconut, carob,

I usually go for the same old same old classic green smoothie (baby spinach, almond milk, banana) but this morning @lukbeautifood inspired me to mix things up a little. Because I didn’t have all the ingredients suggested in her recipe on Instagram (see below), I swapped a few and the result was still super yummy. […]

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Chia & berry breakfast parfait

berry, raspberry, chia seeds, quinoa, parfait, breakfast, recipe, gluten free, healthy eating, breakfast parfait

As you can see via all these recipes, I am BIG on yummy breakfasts. I have quite a huge appetite in the morning so it’s important that the first meal of the day be nutritious and that it give me the energy I need to power through until lunch time. This chia and berry breakfast […]

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Grilled chili-lime fish tacos

fish, taco, tacos, recipe, meal, lunch, supper, idea, healthy eating, healthy living, meat free, mango, cilantro, lime, grilled, grill, fish tacos

One of my favourite activities is cooking a healthy meal and one of my favourite people to do this with is my friend and fellow blogger Chadi of Brunettes Have More Fun. A few weeks ago, she suggested we make this delicious grilled chili-lime fish tacos recipe and it was a winner. These tacos are a true feast […]

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Kale juice recipe

kale, juice, recipe, green, vegetable, juicing, juicer, healthy eating, healthy living, clean eating, straws, Kale juice recipe

Yes I know, the words “kale juice recipe” can sound scary. I’ll admit that my first few attempts at making fresh juice with veggies we’re shall we say… interesting. When you aren’t used to the taste lots of raw greens, your taste buds wonder what’s going on. Plus, my ratio of veggies to fruits wasn’t […]

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Super yummy beetroot juice recipe

beetroot juice recipe, juice, juicing, juicer, healthy eating, clean eating, carrots, beetroot, apple,

First, let me start by saying that I would make this beetroot juice recipe for its vibrant pink colour alone. Of course, the health benefits of juicing should trump the look of the juice but it’s still fun to have something pretty to look at while you nourish your body with lots of good ingredients. […]

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Pomegranate, pear & pistachio salad

salad recipe, pistachio salad, pistachio salad recipe, pomegranate, pistachio, salad, pear, mint, feta cheese, nuts, recipe, foodie, eating, food, ieas, healthy living, wellness

As it happens with several of the recipes I whip up, I had been walking around with a mental image of this pomegranate, pear and pistachio salad in my mind for about a week until I finally just had to create it. Like I mentioned in my ricotta, tomato & spinach pasta recipe post (recipe in French), […]

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Marinated salmon with caramelized pineapple quinoa

marinated salmon, salmon, recipe, food, eating, foodie, healthy eating, healthy meal, clean eating pineapple, meat free monday, quinoa, protein, veggies, fish recipe, salmon recipe

When my blogger gal pal Chadi of Brunettes Have More Fun posted this marinated salmon with caramelized pineapple quinoa recipe, it reminded me that I absolutely wanted to share it with you on the Red Fairy Project. We cooked up this masterpiece for a casual lunch but it’s so pretty and yummy that it could […]

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