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Defy your fear

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Oh Danielle Laporte, how is it that you can always read my mind? Found this archive truth bomb in my camera screenshots and it was just the message I needed today. I know that in order to move my business forward I have to defy my fear put myself out there even more.

As an introvert it’s something that I’ve struggled with but I’m happy to report that I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone big time in the last two years and it has brought amazing results.

To all of you who think you’re too shy or not creative enough or not brave enough, I’m here to tell you YOU CAN DO IT.

It’s not about waiting to not be afraid. It’s to feel the fear and do it anyway. When you really look at what you’re scared of, is it honestly that bad?

If it’s the fear of failing, that’s just your Ego freaking you out. Same goes if you obsess over what other people might think of you.

Seriously, screw what others think and screw fear.

All it does is keep you stuck and you’re too awesome to not rise to your full potential. Make this Monday magical by doing one thing that scares you.

What will I be doing? Shooting a new video on a topic I haven’t tackled before because my Ego kept telling me “Why should people listen to you girl?” Well you know what, people can choose to listen or not but I know I have a message to share and I’m putting it out there.

Wishing you an incredible week where you stare fear in the face and say F-You. (image via Danielle Laporte)

Geneviève xoxo

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