Welcome to week 2 of Maintaining Motivation & Momentum!

Lowering the bar (of your expectations) might seem counterintuitive when wanting to reach certain goals but I can tell you first hand that doing this actually helps you stay consistent, confident and reach those objectives.

We can often set unrealistic expectations for ourselves whether it’s our fitness rituals, our finances, our career or even our personal life and when we do that, it can become very discouraging (ie. the opposite of motivating).

My reco: bite size consistent actions that will help you build confidence in yourself which will then help you reach bigger and bigger goals. Watch below to find out more!

Geneviève xo



Can you see areas of your life where you might need to adjust your expectations? Journal one area where you can add a bit more kindness and be a little less demanding in order to set yourself up for yourself and reach those bite size goals.