Welcome to week 4 of Love Yourself Now!

This is your final week and I want to set you up for success. When we do work to grow our self love we want to make sure that we aren’t sabotaging our efforts because of external circumstances. Some obstacles might come our way and it’s important to be aware of them and know how to remove them.

Whether it’s people that are unsupportive because of their own insecurities or any other factor, you want to shield yourself from that and stay strong. Watch to discover how and stay tuned for the next series!

Geneviève xo


Can you see if there is something in your life that might hinder your self love growth? It’s important not to judge whatever the answer is and if it’s a person you’ll want to think about your next move carefully. We don’t want to just discard people but we also need to find the proper way to distance ourselves from them if they are toxic. Take it one step at a time and connect to your intuition to better see what obstacles are standing in your way.