Who doesn’t love chocolate? I think chocolate is one of those simple things that brings me great joy in life. Being someone who wants to treat my body well, I often look for healthier versions of sweet treats and desserts that I can make. These double chocolate rye muffins by Green Kitchen Stories are a great example of a healthier option.

No white sugar or flour here. These nutrient empty ingredients have been replaced with healthier ones. Made of rye and spelt flour instead of white flour and maple syrup instead of white sugar, you get the satisfaction of eating a nice chocolaty treat minus the usual unhealthy culprits from traditional desserts. Thanks Green Kitchen Stories for another great recipe!

Want more healthy goodness? GK Stories have two fantastic apps: Green Kitchen- Healthy vegetarian recipes and Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen. I’ve purchased both and they are totally worth it!

You can also discover my other favourite healthy desserts below!

2 thoughts on “Double chocolate rye muffins

  • I love Green Kitchen Stories ! I think I will try this recipe very soon. I love the fact that it’s made with rye flour, rye has such great health benefits and I find it easier to digest than wheat. Thank you for the share.


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