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Chocolate dessert recipe bonanza

Salted-caramel-and-chocolate-tart, chocolate, chocolate dessert, chocolate recipe, tart, chocolate tart

With the holidays around the corner, it’s likely that you will either be welcoming loved ones over for a nice Christmas meal or that you’ll be a guest at someone’s home. What better way to put a smile on people’s face than with chocolate? This is a countdown of my all time favourite chocolate desserts, […]

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Healthy no bake cookies

healthy, no bake, cookies, recipe, oats, chocolate, dessert, foodie, sweet, treat, healthy no bake cookies

Healthy no bake cookies rock and the flavour of these guys can’t be beat. One of my favourite food combos has got to be peanut butter and chocolate. When I was a kid, I had a true love for Reese’s peanut butter cups. Today, I’m a little older and a wiser when it comes to […]

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Chocolate cake with sugar stars

chocolate, cake, mary berry, recipe, dessert, powdered, sugar, stars, chocolate dessert, chocolate recipe,

I had an image of this awesome chocolate cake in my mind for two weeks before I finally caved and decided to make it. I chose a Mary Berry recipe because, well, I simply adore Mary. Not that many people know her in Canada but after watching all five seasons of The Great British bake […]

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Chocolate-peppermint Christmas cookies

cookie, cookies, recipe, chocolate, peppermint, candy cane, xmas, christmas, dessert, sweets, white chocolate, martha stewart, Chocolate peppermint Christmas cookies

In addition to making my grandmother’s gingerbread cookies with my favourite cousins, it’s been a tradition of mine for the last few holiday seasons to make these delicious chocolate-peppermint Christmas cookies. This year, as a gift to friends and family, I decided to make a batch and distribute them along with my new Red Fairy […]

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Chocolate banana almond butter bites

vegan, chocolate, gluten free, recipe, banana, almond butter, dessert, recipe, banana almond butter bites, healthy desserts

We all know by now that chocolate is the best invention ever. We must also acknowledge that if we start eating it as much as we would really like to, we are going to have to wear stretchy pants full time. This is when healthy substitutes to the traditional high calorie (and often unhealthy) chocolate […]

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Mes 5 desserts au chocolat préférés

desserts au chocolat, dessert, desserts, dessert au chocolat, recette chocolat, gâteau

(English below) Pour plusieurs d’entre vous, il neige dans votre coin de pays et bien que moi je serais énervée comme une petite fille de huit ans, ces conditions météo ne semblent pas plaire à tous (selon vos commentaires outrés aperçus sur les médias sociaux). En ajout à ceci, viendront pour certains les blues du […]

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The best chocolate cheesecake ever

chocolate, cake, cheesecake, recipe, dessert, chocolate cheesecake, baking, best chocolate cheesecake ever

This is the best chocolate cheesecake ever. No small claim I realize but I stand by my statement. This Châtelaine cake recipe has been a sure winner every time I’ve made it. It was a given that this would be my dessert of choice for the final sugar-coma inducing treat I would bring to my […]

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Double chocolate rye muffins

chocolate rye muffins, chocolate, rye, muffins, recipe, baking, dessert, gluten free,

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I think chocolate is one of those simple things that brings me great joy in life. Being someone who wants to treat my body well, I often look for healthier versions of sweet treats and desserts that I can make. These double chocolate rye muffins by Green Kitchen Stories are a […]

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Salted caramel and chocolate tart

Salted-caramel-and-chocolate-tart, chocolate, chocolate dessert, chocolate recipe, tart, chocolate tart

When I spotted this salted caramel and chocolate tart recipe in Chatelaine magazine, it was love at first sight and I knew I HAD to make it. It felt decadent when I was making it and tasted just as amazing as I had imagined when I took that first bite. As always, my favourite part of […]

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Vegan gluten free chocolate cake balls

vegan, chocolate. balls, recipe, dessert, chocolate cake balls, healthy desserts

If you are like me, you enjoy having a sweet treat every once in a while. Oh, who are we kidding, I would eat cake every day if it were healthy and calorie free. The thing with sweets is that they are often served in fairly large portions but often I just need a bite […]

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