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Genevieve Colmer_ChatelaineWelcome beautiful! So happy you’re here.

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The woman behind the Red Fairy Project

I started this site when I was still part of the corporate world working as a Director at a fashion magazine. I always dreamed about having my own company but had been too scared to do anything about it. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I did try to start a personal styling business but dropped it after only a few months. I also thought that opening a doggy daycare might be my calling but in the end I just couldn’t see myself shoveling dog poop on a daily basis. I felt guilty for starting something and then giving up but in the end I realized that the reason I wasn’t “feeling” these businesses was that they were missing something important. That something was a SOUL, a higher purpose.

You will discover through this blog that I am a very rational Virgo but I am also a spiritual gal.  I believe that every single one of us has a purpose to fulfill and sharing our gifts (our strengths & passions) is part of that purpose. It’s with that mission in mind that I decided to take my 15 precious years of online experience and quit my job in March 2014 to fully focus on the Red Fairy Project and web consultation for companies that needed support with their online presence.

In addition to being a #girlboss, I am also a certified SUP and vinyasa yoga teacher. I decided to do these trainings back in 2014 because I had enjoyed so many benefits from my personal practice of these two “sports” and I wanted to pass on my learnings to others. Details on my yoga services here.

Genevieve-Colmer media coverage Red Fairy Project

In the media

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be interviewed by some major publications that shared my story on what brought me to stepping into the unknown and living my dreams. Click on the links to read more (all articles in French).

La course au bien-être, ELLE Québec

Nager dans le bonheur, Journal Métro

Magazine Châtelaine, Comment vivre à fond?

La Presse, entrevue par Iris Gagnon-Paradis

Magazine Clin d’Oeil, J’ai quitté mon boulot super payant (et je suis tellement plus heureuse!)

Blogue de Virginie Lemieux, Rencontre avec la professeur de yoga Geneviève Colmer

Blogue POP Spirit de Marie-eve Bertrand, Profil sur Geneviève Colmer

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Photo credit (top image): Maude Chauvin for Châtelaine magazine



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