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Archive | June, 2015

Are you standing in your own way?

smart, standing, way, obstacles, self sabotage, self esteem, fear, courage, personal development, personal growth, self help, daily inspiration, quote, qotd, inspiring, wisdom, guidance, healthy living, happiness, purpose, dreams, purpose, destiny, success, red fairy project, standing in your own way

Have you noticed how often you’re standing in your own way? It’s crazy to think that we are limiting ourselves from the potential we can achieve and the fulfilling life we can live because of our own internal dialog. For various reasons (mainly because of the voice of fear), we often choose to play it safe […]

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If not you, who? If not now, when?

If not now when, purpose, path, daily inspiration, motivation, success, authentic, happiness, personal growth, development, self help, joy, guidance, wisdom, inspiring, teacher, coach, coaching, now, present moment,

When your heart is asking you to do something but the fears inside your head are stopping you, it’s important to ask yourself “if not now, when?” Let’s make today about courage. Courage to be your own unique fabulous self and courage to take a step in the direction of your dreams. What does that mean […]

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New 21 day meditation experience

meditation, meditate, relaxation, practice, wisdom, spirituality, soul, relax, inner peace, calm, concentration, focus, tips, teacher, wellness, wellbeing, health, deepak chopra, oprah, gabrielle bernstein, coach, coaching, happiness

Whether you already meditate or have been thinking of starting a practice, there is a great opportunity coming up on July 13th with the Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21 day meditation experience. I’ve been meditating every day for a few years now and the benefits I reap from it are what keep me so rooted […]

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Keep choosing joy

choosing joy, choose, joy, happiness, decision, conscious living, soul, spirituality, personal growth, personal development, guidance, wisdom, teacher, self help

Keep choosing joy. Every minute and every moment of every day we can choose how we see life & how we react to what happens to us. When you wake up in the morning, make the conscious decision to choose happiness throughout your day. During the day, take little moments to pause and notice if you have […]

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Trust and let go

future, faith, believe, success, motivation, happiness, peace, let go, release, trust, personal growth, personal development, spirit, soul, universe, spirituality, teacher, guidance, wisdom, daily inspiration, quote, qotd, inspiring, cs lewis

I am a true believer that whatever is meant to be will be. I trust life and do my best not to grasp onto certain situations even if I feel they are not evolving the way I planned.Whether it was a job in a position that I thought was just perfect for me, or a […]

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You are braver than you believe

You are braver than you believe, brave, courage, loved, love, smart, self confidence, daily inspiration, inspiring, quote, qotd, guidance, wisdom, happiness, personal growth, development, self help, motivation, success, wellness, wellbeing, teacher, coach, coaching

You are braver than you believe. Many of us underestimate ourselves while we have a huge untapped power within us that often goes untouched. This beautiful quote is actually from Winnie the Pooh (Christopher Robin) and it’s such a lovely message to pass on to children to instil self-confidence in them and let them know that they […]

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Zucchini rolls with passion fruit & lemon ricotta

Zucchini rolls with passion fruit, recipe, healthy eating, foodie, courgette, zucchini, rolls, ricotta, cheese, passion fruit, vegetarian, green kitchen stories, summer meal, idea

With hotter days finally here, I’m really into making lighter meals. I was drawn to this recipe in particular because it features passion fruit which is one of the most delicious tasting and smelling treats mother nature has to offer. I also love grilled vegetables and so paring the two just seemed like a no-brainer. […]

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Are you taking the shots?

courage, daily inspiration, qotd, guidance, wisdom, personal development, personal growth, Are you taking the shots

It’s so important to stop and ask yourself “Are you taking the shots”? Are you in the arena putting yourself out there, risking vulnerability and failure? Never thought I would be doing sport analogies or a hockey player in my daily inspirations but Wayne Gretzky knows a thing or two about risking big and reaching […]

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Dévoilement West Elm

west elm, cour, urbaine, patio, terrasse, ville, décor, déco, décoration, style, maison

(English below) Il y a quelques semaines, j’ai eu l’immense plaisir de rencontrer Vanessa Sicotte du blogue Damask & Dentelle lors du dévoilement de sa cour urbaine présenté par West Elm. Étant une maniaque de décoration (et de West Elm) j’étais totalement aux anges de passer un après-midi dans un environnement aussi inspirant et de […]

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Let go and have a little faith

let go, strong, patience, patient, release, trust, faith, believe, wisdom, guidance, daily inspiration, inspiring, motivation, success, happiness, peace, joy, personal development, personal growth, self help, teacher, coach, coaching, wait,

Let go and have a little faith. Don’t you just love how life sends you the message you need to hear just at the right moment? This quote resonates deeply with me for personal reasons as I am practicing letting go and being patient and for someone who is a bit of a control freak and […]

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Salade de mangues, avocats & crevettes

Salade de mangues, salade, mangue, avocats, crevettes, Trois fois par jour, recette, sans gluten, fruit de mer, santé, repas, été, léger

Je viens toute juste de faire cette recette de salade de mangues, avocats et crevettes de Trois fois par jour pour un lunch rapide. Quel mélange de saveurs délicieux et frais! Encore une fois, chapeau à Marilou pour ses compositions simples mais efficaces. Le combo mangue + jus de citron fait danser les papilles et […]

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Make everybody feel like a somebody

Make everybody feel like a somebody

Taking a break from our personal dramas and focusing on kindness and compassion towards others is a great way to boost your moral. Making the people around you feel good about themselves will bring you joy in return. Whether it’s a child that might be a little shy or a colleague that seems to be having […]

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Work to become strong

Work to become strong, wellness, personal growth, personal development, self help, daily inspiration, inspiring, quote, motivation, success, courage, strength, choices, happiness

Sometimes in life, difficult decisions must be made. Decisions that scare us and that we avoid making because it puts us in front of the unknown. But what is better: living in a “comfortable” unhappiness where you are surrounded by the familiar but aren’t having your needs meet or giving yourself the chance to find true […]

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Start living your dreams

start living your dreams, dreams, dream, purpose, start, now, brave, courage, heart, soul, spirit, motivation, happiness, peace, love, personal development, personal growth, wellness, wellbeing, guidance, wisdom, coach, coaching, daily inspiration, inspiring, quote, qotd

What do you think you are meant to do here? Do you believe you have the right to follow your dreams? Not only is it your right but it is your duty to pursue them. What is buried deep inside your soul, that desire, that passion is your calling. As scary as it might seem or […]

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Do less with more focus

do less, more focus, presence, present moment, daily inspiration, quote, inspiring, personal growth, personal development, happiness, peace, quality, actions, intention, self help, improvement, spirituality, success, teacher, coach, wisdom, guidance, Do less with more focus

Boy do we love taking on A LOT during a day. It’s almost like a competition to see the most we can get done in the least amount of time possible. It’s time to change that mindset and to less with more focus. Doing as much as possible may sound like it’s a formula for […]

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Get 10% off Pura Vida bracelets

artisans, local, giving back, boho, bohemian, yoga, pura vida, bracelets, accessories, style, ethical, sustainable, costa rica, pura vida bracelets

Woot! Woot! I am delighted to announce that I am  officially part of the Pura Vida bracelets family! You know how much I love an arm party and more importantly a good cause: every Pura Vida bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. Use my rep code COLMER10 at checkout […]

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Remember who you are

Remember who you are, daily inspiration, inspiring, quote, qotd, wisdom, guidance, wellness, wellbeing, peace, path, purpose, soul, authentic, personal growth, personal development, self help, spirituality, teacher, coach, coaching, happiness, truth, red fairy project

Do you really know yourself or have you somehow lost your way and need help to remember who you are? Maybe you lost yourself by trying to please or take care of others or simply because you didn’t know which direction to take. Or perhaps you became another person out of the fear of losing someone […]

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Living a life others don’t understand

others don't understand, daily inspiration, daily quote, quote of the day, qotd, inspiring, wisdom, guidance, coaching, personal development, personal growth, self help, happiness, peace, decisions, purpose, path, wellness, wellbeing,

We can spend a lifetime seeking the approval of others for the choices we make or we can have enough faith in ourselves to know that our decisions are right for us. Yes, we will surely make some mistakes but at least they will be OUR mistakes. Wasting energy on justifying ourselves to others is just […]

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Be here NOW

cat, now, presence, present moment, awareness, consciousness, daily inspiration, quote, inspiring, qotd, wellness, wellbeing, peace, personal growth, personal development, spirit, spirituality, Be here NOW

Because they constantly live in the present moment, animals are a great reminder to be here Now rather than lost in thought about the past or the future. If you have a pet, you can surely relate to this. No matter how bad our day might have been or how worried we might be about a […]

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Everything but the kitchen sink salad

Everything but the kitchen sink salad, salad, recipe, pesto, gluten free, vegetarian, sunflower, seeds, tomatoes, vegetables, healthy eating, sprouts, meals, easy,

I discovered some fantastic new foodie Instagram accounts and blogs this week thanks to this article on the Collective Hub. One of them is Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest and as soon as I saw her photo for this Everything but the kitchen sink salad recipe, I had to make it. I’m a sucker for a salad […]

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