Yassou! (“hello” in Greek). Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. I’ve been enjoying some amazing vacation time in Greece with Robert. At first, my intention was to do a few posts while I was here but after a few days I realized I needed to take a step back and just use these two weeks as a transition period from my old life as a corporate world citizen and employee to an entrepreneur.

Quitting my job was a big move for me and I think I just need this vacation to be about fun and some quality time with my man. I already have a ton of ideas and projects bubbling up in my mind so I feel that as soon as I get on the plane back to Montréal, the notebook is going to come out and this little business woman is going to get to work. So knowing myself and my Type A personality, I think I can afford to just relax and fully take in the beauty of Greece. Speaking of which, here are some photos of the amazing sites we have seen so far. Kehrete!

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On our way to Symi

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    • Thanks Laura! Yes, it was quite a leap and it was scary but I am so proud that I listened to my inner voice. It started as a whisper years ago and was getting quite loud. I just knew what I had to do so I set things in motion. I think that if you have a plan (actually have a plan A, B and C is ever better as you never know how things will unfold), you can manage the risk and it gives you more confidence to take that leap. But the most important is to do what you love. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. I was actually quite happy at my job for the 5 years I was there but I knew I was meant to do something else at the moment that I left. It`s all about following your authentic path and listening to your passion and intuition. ;)

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