Lake Como Italy had been a dream destination of mine ever since I drove past it traveling from Switzerland to Turin two years ago. As I took in the beautiful mountains surrounding the stunning blue lake for the first time, I had made a promise to myself that I would have the full Como experience some day. I was right to feel so inspired even by simply admiring Como from a distance. The area offers something I haven’t felt anywhere else in all the travel I have done. It’s charming, romantic, mysterious and magical. Here is a glimpse into my weekend in Lake Como.


Como offered us a gorgeous pink sunset as we arrived into the city after a long drive. Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

We stayed at Hotel Borgo Antico, located on a quiet street, close the waterfront and old town. Hotel Borgo antico, Lake Como, Italy, travel, europeThe view from our hotel window on an lovely vine covered bridge.

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

The cutest flower shop is located right next to the hotel.

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europeLake Como, Italy, travel, europe

The first thing you must do when arriving in Lake Como is take a walk by the waterfront. Keep your eyes open for fancy yachts and maybe even George Clooney who owns a villa here!

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europeLake Como, Italy, travel, europeLake Como, Italy, travel, europeLake Como, Italy, travel, europe

Then take a stroll through the old town where you can admire historical architecture, do a bit of shopping and sip on a refreshing Aperol in the Piazza Del Duomo.

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europeLake Como, Italy, travel, europe, church, DuomoLake Como, Italy, travel, europe Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe
Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe
Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

On our first night in Como,  we had a wonderful supper at Trattoria Pizzeria in Borgovico. This restaurant is so charming with its old stone walls and fairy lights and the food was unbelievable. Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe, ristaurante, restaurant, eating, food, il borgo,

On Saturday, we hopped on the train for the Milano Expo, a food themed Universal Exhibition that Milan is hosting from May 1 to October 31, that showcases more than 140 countries. Although we had high hopes for our experience (including eating A LOT of food) we were confronted to masses and masses of people (i.e. hour long queues) so we were only able to visit a few pavilions. There was also intense heat that day which reduced the amount of energy we had to stand in line for any extended amount of time. Still, we were glad we went and I did enjoy a delicious Turkish meal.

milan, world expo, Italy, travel, europe

After a full day at the Expo, we headed back to Como and had a nice supper at Il Buco Del Chiurlo, another great recommendation from our hotel host Eric. We savoured fresh pasta on their patio, drank amazing wine and had a blast chatting with the super friendly owner.

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe
We spent our final hours in Como visiting small towns located around the lake. It was another gorgeous (hot) day so lots of sun bathers were out at the local “beaches”.

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe
I just love the colourful houses on the hills. It’s something straight out of the movies!
Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe
Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

After much searching for where we would have our final Italian meal, we found a hidden little gem located in a residential area at the top of a hill. One little tip that the boyfriend shared with me (he lived in Italy for two years): if a restaurant calls itself “ristorante” in their name, the food will be okay but if they call themselves ostéria or trattoria, you are in for a treat. A “ristorante” is often more commercial. You will probably have more choice on the menu but it’s possible that the food won’t be as fresh. An ostéria or trattoria in general is much smaller and can be run by a family that gets all their ingredients the day of. The menu options might be limited (sometimes you just have to eat what they give you) but it’s likely going to be the best meal you’ve ever had.Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

Ostéria Del Giuanin has the most breathtaking view and of course, the food was unbelievable. In fact, ALL the food we ate while in Italy was some of the best I’ve ever had (no surprise really).

Lake Como, Italy, travel, europe

One of the many things I appreciated about Como is that despite it being quite a luxurious area, all the meals we had were affordable especially for the quality of the food and the atmosphere. The weekend went by so fast and as soon as we left, we already missed Italy but I know I’ll be back and my next visit will definitely be for a longer period. Italy has so much to offer that it’s a country you have to discover over the course of at least a week or two (or more ideally!). Have you been to beautiful Italia? If so, what area and what was your favourite part of this region? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo


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