I just got back from spending three amazing weeks in Hergiswil Switzerland. Why Hergiswil? Because that is where my boyfriend is now located. I wanted to see if this urban girl could see herself living in a town of 6000 people and just 14.2 km2. Just as a point of comparison, Montreal hosts over 1.8 million inhabitants and the island spreads across 500 km2.

It only took a few days for me to fall under the spell of this charming lake side town. As a resident, I think I will love it but I also find that it’s a lovely area to stop at in between visiting two busier cities (like Lucerne or Zurich). Here is a glimpse into the little wonders I discovered during my stay and why I was so charmed by this picturesque destination.

Our home

20140727-074412-27852448.jpgWhen this is the view you have when looking at your “backyard”, you feel quite inspired peering out the window at any given moment of the day.


The view from the other side of our home is of the lake and more mountains (the Alps!). The photo above isn’t by me and it’s not the exact view we have. We are actually closer to the lake than where this was shot from and our apartment is one of those featured in the picture.

20140727-075755-28675906.jpgThis is the view from another room in the apartment. There is a beautiful church just a few yards away. We hear its bells ring during the day and can admire the lit up steeple at night time.

The waterfront

hergiswil, switzerland, suisseLake Lucerne is just a 5 minute walk from our place. It doesn’t get much better than that. Actually it does: there are ducks and swans and for this animal lover that means buckets of fun just looking at them splash around in the water.


20140727-074414-27854603.jpgCare to go for a dip in the crystal clear water?

20140727-075935-28775849.jpgThe ferry transports people to the cities that surround the lake.

The architecture

20140727-074410-27850890.jpgI enjoy how Hersgiwil has a mix of traditional Swiss buildings like the one above but also beautiful modern homes like the one below. Funny how it has a Miami feel to it, no?

modern homeThere are actually a few really luxurious homes that I wanted to photograph but they are behind closed gates so the shots weren’t that great… There are some people with lots of money in Hergiswil. Now if only I could make them my private yoga clients. ;)

The parks

20140727-075757-28677855.jpgThere are beautiful little parks all over the town in Hergiswil. You can sit on a bench by the water and just let all your worries drift away. I used this park as a meditation space on more than one occasion.

Fields of dreams (or of goats)


20140727-075933-28773724.jpgI found the nicest little farm during one of my morning walks. I even made friends with a few of their furry residents. #crazygoatlady

Restaurants20140727-075938-28778616.jpgThis photo honestly doesn’t do justice to how cute this restaurant is. Its patio is so charming and it’s right by the church so you can listen to the bells ring as you enjoy your pasta or sip on your cappucino. Although it isn’t on the lake (it’s about a 3 minute walk from it), there are several beautiful restaurants by the water ranging from a casual burger joint to a delicious Italian trattoria.

Boutique Sin 6

20140727-075145-28305361.jpg20140727-075143-28303197.jpgSo there aren’t a lot of shopping options in Hergiswil but for this girl that’s probably best right now (new entrepreneur = frugal living). That said, I fell in love with this stylish boutique located on Seestrasse street right by the lake. Sin 6 offers gorgeous jewelry, accessories and home accents. Andrea the owner has impeccable taste and was such a pleasure to chat with!

Another reason I love Hergiswil is that you have the perks of living in a peaceful town but if you want to head to a more action packed area, you just jump on the train and in 10 minutes you arrive in Lucerne, a must visit when in Switzerland.

You can read more about what to check out while in Lucerne here. So all in all, the time I spent in Hergiswil made me realize that I’m finally ready to slow my pace down and to take time to enjoy life, the moutains, the fresh air and of course, some quality time with my man. I look forward to getting lots of visitors once I’m settled in so hopefully this post will have given you the travel bug and you will want to head our way for a little european vacation!

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