Hi guys! I am writing you from Switzerland sitting at a makeshift desk in an almost empty living room. There are tools on the floor and Ikea instructions piled on the table next to my laptop. Although my set-up is pretty basic and there is a slight feeling of organized chaos around me, I can admire Lucerne lake and the Alps from where I sit and I hear church bells ringing and birds chirping as I type away.


I feel like this scenario is the perfect metaphor for how I feel right now at this stage in my life. Just like this empty room, my life is a blank canvas but there, lie the instructions and tools I need to build something amazing. I can see the potential of what is to come but I also realize there is also a lot of work ahead.  As most of you know, I am in a relationship with a wonderful Brit that I met in Montreal almost four years ago. About 2 years ago, he moved back to Europe to do his masters degree and he recently found a job here in Switzerland. While all this was happening, there were important shifts going on my side as well. Last March, I quit my job to follow my dream to become an entrepreneur in the wellness industry. I also decided to do my yoga teacher training which will be completed in August. Once I have my certification, the plan is for me to move here in Hergiswil “permanently”. I say “permanently” with quotation marks as there are important conditions under which I will be able to live here, mainly obtaining a visa.

This will be my first experience moving to another country and if I am being totally honest, the road ahead is quite daunting. Of course, I am super excited to finally live with my man and it’s always been a dream of mine to live abroad, but the reality is that it’s going to be a lot of work. It also means embracing the unknown and stepping outside my comfort zone big time. I am going to have to learn a new language (German) and build a new life here (new friends, new routine, new yoga practice, new everything).

As a control freak that likes to project manage her life, I find it ironic that dealing with uncertainty has been the theme of 2014. It all started by launching my blog back in January. This to me was a very scary thing. What if I didn’t find inspiration to write on a regular basis? What if it sucked? What if, what if, what if… And then, I just got fed up of the what ifs and decided to see things differently: what if it didn’t suck? In fact, what if it was great and served to inspire people to live their best life? When I started thinking about it that way, the fear started getting smaller. It didn’t completely disappear but the excitement for what could be became so strong that it helped push me beyond the fear.

You might be wondering what the link is between starting a blog and uprooting your life to move to another continent. Well, the feeling is quite similar (on a larger scale of course). When I am writing a blog post, at first it’s like I have a big bowl of goulash in my head. I’m not too sure what’s in there but I can usually trust that something decent will come out. By now, I’ve learned that the first step is to show up and do the work. I have to sit at my computer, log in to WordPress and trust that my intuition will guide the way to a decent post. So just like I didn’t know what to expect when I launched this blog, I don’t know what lies ahead of me in this move to Switzerland but  I believe it’s what I meant to do and that I have what it takes to embark on this adventure. I am a true believer that we can all  figure things out along the way if we just give ourselves the benefit of the doubt.

So I guess you could say that building a new life is kind of like assembling a piece of Ikea furniture: it will take lots of patience and there might be some frustration and crying involved but in the end it will be worth it. :)

Lucerne, Switzerland
Exploring on my first day in Switzerland (Lucerne).
Lucerne, Switzerland
One of the gorgeous bridges in Lucerne.
the Lion Monument, Lucerne, Switzerland
The Lion Monument, Lucerne

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8 thoughts on “Guten Tag from Switzerland!

  • Merci Geneviève, de partager cette expérience avec nous qui, ce matin résonne en moi plus que tu pourrais le penser. Tes idées et commentaires sont toujours inspirants .
    Ciao de Montreal :) xx Sia

    • Merci pour cette belle pensée Sia. Je suis heureuse de savoir que ce billet résonne en toi. C’est justement en espérant toucher les lectrices comme toi que je partage mes histoires, apprentissages et réflexions et c’est important de regarder en soi et être à l’écoute de sa voix lorsque quelque chose nous interpelle. Bisous! :) xx

  • Gen! This is such a fun chapter ahead: congrats! Wishing you all the best, i know you’ll do great! Also can’t help but LOL at the metaphor of adapting to change like building IKEA furniture: there is so much to relate to in that parallel haha!
    best of luck, I hope Switzerland is great to you both and that you’re spoiled with travels, being in Europe! Work hard and be sure to play hard too! xo

    • Thanks so much Steph! It’s great to hear from you. I must say that I am tempted to hop on a train to go to so many places since everything is relatively close. We will definitely go to Italy in the next few weeks and after that we shall see! Big hug and stay in touch! :) xx

    • Thanks so much Steph! Sorry for the delay in replying. I have some spam issues with my comments and it seems like I approved your comment but didn`t respond. How rude! ;) Serisouly though, I appreciate you taking the time to comment and coming from a blogger that I love, your positive feedback means a lot! Hope your new move in is going well! xx

  • Wishing you all the best Genevieve! I think change & world travel is good for the soul, the heart & the mind. I think it breaks down boundaries , opens us up, in so many ways. We have something in common! . . .mine’s a Brit too :) Looking forward to hearing about your travel adventures :)

    • Thanks so much Monique! I agree, travel really does feed my soul and allows me to see things with a new perspective. So you are lucky enough too to have a wonderful Brit as your better half? That’s pretty cool. I still find is accent and gentlemen ways so charming even after almost four years. Sending you much love! :)

  • Bien le bonjour d’une compatriote! Seulement quelques mots pour te dire que j’admire ton dynamisme dans les décisions d’importance prises au cours des derniers mois et ce en toute simplicité. Tu n’as pas eu froid aux yeux et je trouve tes initiatives inspirantes pour le moins. Je vais te suivre dans tes réflexions et merci encore de partager tout cela si généreusement.

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