Our final day in Costa Rica was quite special. We navigated the Tempisque river in the Palo Verde national park and admired beautiful wildlife. I am a true animal lover so going to a reserve to observe animals in their natural habitat was a real thrill. Some snapshots of our incredible day.

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Sugar cane field.
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I love how they aren’t afraid to put colours on their homes in Costa Rica.

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Needless to say, we didn’t go swimming.
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Our first monkey spotting of the day. They got less shy as the tour went on…
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The most beautiful pink flower tree.

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My dad and I took some fun footage on the boat of those cheeky monkeys. They were so friendly!

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First time seeing crocs (the animal, not the shoe) in the wild. Pretty cool! They are beautiful creatures.

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Whoa, look at those teeth!

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We had lunch included in our tour and I wasn’t expecting anything grandiose given we were kind of in the middle of nowhere but little did I know we were in for a real treat. We had the pleasure of eating at Rancho Los Coyotes, a beautiful restaurant off a dirt road that was simply magical. First of all, there were LOTS of animals for me to befriend. Second, the actual restaurant and surrounding “businesses” were really nice and the food was so delicious! We even got a traditional pottery making demonstration by the two sweetest boys: Carlos and David, two brothers.

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David, the older of the two brothers was kind enough to give me the grand tour of the ranch.

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Our yummy meal was followed by a super interesting explanation and demo of how they make pottery in that specific area of Costa Rica and how the skills are passed down from generation to generation.

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pottery, costa rica, artisan, travel
Carlos hard at work.

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The boys are really proud of their craft and with good reason.
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After the demo was done, it was play time for them in their outdoor gym. Such friendly lads.
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Dogs roaming freely everywhere. I was in heaven.
puppies, dogs, animal, restaurant, rancho, los coyotes, costa rica
Puppies! It took all the self control in the world not to bring one back home with me.

dogs, rancho, los coyotes, costa rica, restaurant

dog, animal, costa rica, tour, palo verde, travel
They might not have been the cleanest, but their good manners made up for a little dust and dirt.

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After a day out in the “wilderness” it was time to return back to civilization and so we enjoyed a nice supper at Italian restaurant Dolce Vita back in Coco Beach. I want to thank my dad, my travel buddy, my guide, my travel enabler for all the memorable moments we shared together. I shall keep these experiences close to my heart as some of the most precious gifts you have given me. Love ya dad! xx

2 thoughts on “Costa Rica day 7: crazy crocodiles and cheeky monkeys

  • Euhhh. les crocodiles?!?!?! T’as pas eu peur? I would have freaked out!

    La bouffe a l’air délicieuse, et les petits singes trop mignons… et ta petite dédicace à ton popa… trop mimi :)))

    • Ah ah! Non, je n’avais pas peur du tout. On se sentait bien en sécurité sur le bateau. Si ça avait été des requins, ça serait une autre histoire par contre! C’était vraiment cool comme expérience. De les observer dans leur état sauvage et naturel. et j’ai adoré les singes. Ils n’avaient pas du tout peur de nous! Et la nourriture était tellement bonne! Je ne m’attendais vraiment pas à ça. Bref, une journée (et un voyage) vraiment mémorables. Merci pour ton commentaire, tu es tellement sweet ma Chadi d’amour. xx

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