Day 5 in Costa Rica was chill. We decided to explore nearby Hermosa beach and just take a day to relax in between the tours and treks. Before we headed to Playa Hermosa (Hermosa means “beautiful” in Spanish), we took a stroll into Coco Beach town to purchase our sunset cruise for day 6. I also had a hidden agenda: check out a gelato shop that’s legendary in the area. We bought our cruise tickets at Coconutz restaurant which has the coolest surfer vibe decor pictured below.

One important detail I do want to point out regarding Hermosa beach,  is that there are actually  two Playa Hermosas. One is situated in the Guanacaste region between Playa del Coco and Playa Panama (this is the beach that we visited) and the other being in the Central Pacific Coast near Jaco. Now that that’s cleared up, dream away my friends!

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Nothing better on a hot day (average temp in Playa Del Coco: 32 degrees) than a refreshing gelato. I had the lactose free lemon and coconut sorbet. Dad had coffee and coconut and chocolate chip. So yummy!

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gelato, ice cream, dessert, coco beach, playa del coco, costa rica, travel, foodie

After our sweet treat, we were ready to hop in a cab to Hermosa. We were delighted by the view that greeted us when we set foot on the beach.

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Cute iguana trying to find a spot in the shade.

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When you walk to the far right corner of the beach, the water is crystal clear.
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“Paparazzi shot” as my dad calls it.

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restaurant, beach, hermosa, costa rica, travel, food
La Casita del Marisco has the freshest fish, super friendly staff, low prices and talk about a view!
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Red snapper

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You know I can’t resist a good surfer pic… or sunset. ;)

sunset costa rica

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Hermosa beach really is a little piece of paradise. It’s much quieter than other regions we visited and it was a nice break. I would recommended bringing a good book and just lounging all day without a care in the world. Sounds pretty good no?

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