Visiting the Arenal volcano and walking through the Rainforest was such a trip. Seeing a volcano up close has been on my bucket list for a long time. I always thought my first experience would be in Hawaii but turns out that Costa Rica has over 110 volcanoes so it’s a pretty good place to start. The five most active volcanoes are Arenal, Poás, Rincón de la Vieja, Irazú and Turrialba.  According to the Arenal official website: “Arenal’s most recent eruptive period bega in 1968 with an explosion that buried three small villages and left 87 people dead. Up until July 2010, the eruptions had been constant, though much less severe—there were effusions of smoke and lava on an almost daily basis.”

It was a 3 1/2 hour drive from Coco Beach to Arenal but luckily there were a lot of interesting sights to take in along the way.

police plane, costa rica, polica, travel
The Costa Rica Popo have a pretty sweet ride.
guanacaste, tree, costa rica, travel, nature
The Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s national tree is everywhere along the highway. Its lush green colour doesn’t show here because we are visiting during the dry season.
cows, countryside, costa rica, guanacaste
Can you spot the volcano in the distance?
wind farm, costa rica
55 turbines supply clean wind power to the residents and businesses in the surrounding area.
costa rica, butterfly
Amazing view and pretty butterfly!

monkeys, nature, costa rica, jungle, rainforest, travel

macadamia, nuts, shells, costa rica, travel,
Macadamia shell covered ground.
macadamia, muffins, costa rica, travel, baking
Banana & macadamia muffins?  Bring on the gluten.
cinnamon, rolls, baking, costa rica, travel, macadamia, café
Ooey gooey cinnamon rolls.
swiss home, travel, costa rica
Never thought I would see a Swiss home in Costa Rica!
arenal, volcano, costa rica, travel,
Arenal volcano in all its beauty. Quite impressive!
mapache, rainforest, costa rica, travel, wildlife,
Mapache (Costa Rica raccoon) spotted along the road to the volcano.

mapache, animals, wildlife, nature, costa rica, guanacaste, arenal volcano, travel

arenal volcaono, costa rica, guanacaste, travel, rainforest

bridge, rainforest, arenal, costa rica, volcano, travel
Walking through the rainforest
tree, travel, nature, eco tour, volcano, termite, nest, rainforest, costa rica, arenal
Termite’s nest.  Eww!
nature, flora, volcano, mushrooms, rainforest, costa rica, arenal
Magic mushrooms. Actually, more like deadly mushrooms as they are super toxic and can kill you if ingested.
arenal, volcano, costa rica, travel, rainforest
After a good trek in the rainforest, we made it to the best view of the volcano.
algae, lake, costa rica, arenal, rainforest, travel, guanacaste, volcano
Bright green algae filled lake at the foot of the Arenal volcano.
volcanic, lava, arenal, volcano, costa rica, travel, guanacaste, rainforest
Dried volcanic lava. Crazy!
tour, guide, arenal, costa rica, travel, rainforest, volcano, guanacaste
Our amazing tour guide, Pablo. Such a sweetheart.
flower, rainforest, ginger lily, nature, flora, forest, costa rica, travel
Gorgeous flowers on our way down the mountain. I think these are Ginger Lilies but don’t quote me on that…

horse, donkey, nature, animals, arenal, volcano, rainforest, costa rica, tours, travel

cows, costa rica, rainforest, wildlife, farm animals, travel, guanacaste
Are you sticking your tongue out at me?
hot springs, spa, costa rica, travel
After all that walking, it was time for some R&R in hot springs at Baldi spa.
volcano, Arenal, spa, hot springs, spa, costa rica, travel, tour rainforest
Our view for lunch at the spa. Once in a lifetime moment.
costa rica, la fortuna, travel, guanacaste, church
Our final stop before heading back: La Fortuna, a lovely town at the foot of Arenal volcano.

La Fortuna, costa rica, travel, pacific, volcano, arenal, tour, travel

Wow, what a day to remember… If you come to Costa Rica, it’s so worth spending a bit of money on a few tours like this because it’s what makes the most incredible experiences. It’s great to see the beaches but I find that it’s what requires a bit of work (ie. driving down bumpy dirt roads for 2 hours + walking to the top of a view point) that is the most rewarding and unforgettable.

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