Given that the Red Fairy Project is all about living a fulfilling and inspiring life, I’ve decided to include a new monthly initiative called It feels good to give where I will feature a worthy cause that I donate to and will make it super easy for you to do so as well. My intention is not to be preachy or make you feel bad if you decide not to donate. Nobody ever harassed me about helping others so my goal is to simply inspire and remind you that you can make a difference by helping those less fortunate and by doing so, you will in return, feel pretty darn good. ;) This month, given the Syrian refugee crisis, I’ve decided to go full on techno and help refugees via Google’s new DONATE button. Wired featured an article on this awesome idea:

GOOGLE IS USING the massive power of its search engine to collect donations for the refugee crisis. The search giant, which has already donated about $1 million to human rights organizations working to help refugees, is now publishing a banner ad, urging its users to give, with a “Donate” button. Click the button, and it leads you to a website, where Google explains it will match 100 percent of donations it receives until it reaches its goal of $11 million.

The Wired article featured a screenshot of this DONATE button on the page and the browser being used in Safari. To donate, I first tried with my usual browser Chrome and could not see the button so I’m not sure if it’s only accessible via Safari (probably not) but just in case you have the same little challenge I did, this is the direct link to donate.

Google Donate Syrian refugees

Have you donated to other organizations that are pulling together to help refugees? If so, let us know below! xoxo

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