Yesterday was a BIG day for me: I quit my job in the corporate world. When you leave everything behind to follow your dreams, lots of emotions arise. There is a sense of excitement, inner peace and yes, fear. I won’t go into detail just yet on how I got to a place where I was actually comfortable making this important decision as this is still a very new reality but I can tell you it was a process. A process during which I had the help of great teachers that guided me along the way to finally listen to that inner voice that was telling me what I should do.

Some of these teachers are in my “real life” (like my yoga teacher and mentor Bram Levinson) and some are “virtual”, meaning that I don’t have direct contact with them in person but that I have come to know their work through books, podcasts, seminars, blogs, videos and basically any type of media you can consume.

Three of these people were presented by Oprah as “The next generation of spiritual thought leaders” and I have to say, they have been a huge influence in my life over the past few years. Gabrielle Bernstein, Marie Forleo and Mastin Kipp are three amazingly gifted people that are truly making their mark in the world and leading a younger generation of spiritual seekers into realizing their full potential.

Each of them merits their own blog post as they have accomplished way too much for me to summarize here (so future posts to come on this). Anyways, the point of this post was A) To share the big news and B) To give you a glimpse into some the messages/signs that I recieved in the last weeks that confirmed I was doing the right thing.

First, during the holidays, I had time to read, reflect and rethink what I wanted the next 5 years of my life to look like. Enter Gabrielle Bernstein (a.k.a. Spirit Junkie) and this video on finding your purpose which I actually already blogged about here. The content of this vlog confirmed what I had been thinking: that my business should be focused on a few of my key passions.

Second, this past Monday, I received Marie Forleo’s most recent newsletter that had the subject line “Should you risk it all and follow your heart?” and featured this video. Watching this made me visualize how I would feel 10 years from now if I decided to stay in the corporate world and not focus on developing my business. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

And then, as if I needed confirmation that I had made the right decision, I open my email today to find this little gem from Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love.

I mean…. How many signs does a girl need? Okay, seriously though, my decision was not just based on “signs” or “messages”. In fact, it was mostly based on various circumstances in my work and personal lives that brought me to a point where I could no longer deny the obvious: I HAD to follow my dreams.

So voilà my friends. This is a very short version of a fairly long process. If you are interested, there will be more to come. I just need to let the dust settle a little and take a step back to actually enjoy this major milestone in my life. Namaste!

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