Money is a topic I’ve never talked about on the Red Fairy Project. It’s a taboo subject for many and yet it’s an important part of everyone’s life. It can be a source of happiness but also of major anxiety. The reason I’ve decided to feature this topic on the blog is because when used wisely, money can be the source of great inspiration. How? Because it allows for FREEDOM and freedom is a crucial catalyst for creativity, inspiration and self actualization.  I will share a bit of my personal money story in an upcoming post but first, here are the 10 key financial lessons I learned from Money and Mindfulness, Lisa Messenger’s latest book.

#1 Money buys you freedom, choice and, more often than not, a platform to make a difference in the world.

#2 Our money mindset is created during childhood. From what we hear and see from our parents. We must be aware of any limiting beliefs we might have taken on in order to change them.

#3 Time is our greatest commodity and in certain cases, it’s well worth spending money in order to focus on what truly matters.

#4 Set clear and specific parameters for your financial goals. Establish a dollar amount, a time frame, where it will come from and what it will be used for. The more specific you are, the more powerful your visualization will be and the likelier the outcome is.

#5 You will rarely regret spending money on purchases or experiences that support your life purpose, ethos and ethics. Ex: If you prioritize health, hiring a personal trainer once a week can be a wise investment.

#6 Always check your intention before making a purchase. Will it truly enhance your life and boost your health, happiness and productivity? Or will the thrill be gone in a couple of weeks until you have to spend money again to fill a certain void? Make sure you aren’t buying from a place of ego or stress.

#7 Financial buffers are your best friend. Unexpected expenses always occur in life so if we don’t plan for them we can get ourselves in a real jam. Create an emergency fund account that you only tap into when truly needed (ex: car breaks down, roof starts leaking, major dental work, etc)

#8 What you focus on expands: if you focus on lack, you will attract more lack. Keep a careful eye on your mental and verbal dialog and notice the stories you tell about money.

#9 The clearer you are on your why (your purpose) the smarter you will be about how you spend your money. Read more about your why and your purpose.

#10 Allow money to drive you but not to guide you. Allow it to fuel your mission but not shift your ethos. Money should motivate you but it shouldn’t push you towards decisions that aren’t in line with your core values.

I want to thank Lisa for being so honest in this book and for sharing her precious life lessons about money. It was brave to be so open and I know she did it because it will benefit so many people. I highly recommended this read as it can serve as a first step to be more money mindful, meaning understanding why your finances are in the state they are and what can be done to improve them.

Purchase Money and Mindfulness (price AUD $29.95 + $25.00 shipping to Canada)

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Here’s Lisa signing the first copies of the book, one of which was sent to me all the way from Australia! She also has two other amazing books: Daring and Disruptive and Life and Love (links to Kindle editions).

Image source: 1. Dream Create Do 2. Lisa Messenger  *Purchase the Make it happen notebook here

4 thoughts on “Money and Mindfulness by Lisa Messenger

  • Love this! I’ll be sure to pick up a copy of this book. I’m really looking to change my money life, get out of debt and break the cycle! Thanks!

    • You will love the book Cianna. It really allowed me to get a fresh and honest perspective at my money mindset in order to determine what I needed to change. Lisa is really honest about her journey and the (sometimes difficult) lessons she learned so that we don’t make the same mistakes. I have to say that finances have been my biggest challenge in life. Not because I wasn’t making good money but because I wasn’t managing it well. This book is not dry or difficult to read. Lisa makes it fun to talk about finances and she empowers us to stand in our power and tap into our full potential. Would love to hear back from you once you read it! Thanks for sharing! xx

  • Sounds like a great read! I think I have the opposite problem of a lot of people, where I never want to spend money. I feel huge guilt over any purchase. This has been especially hard for me lately as I want to take my blog more seriously, but it’s hard for me to decide when and how much money is appropriate and the most helpful to spend on it.

    • Hi Grace! It’s so interesting to see the challenges that we have because of our money mindset, whether it’s one of spending too much or feeling guilty about dishing out cash. What’s reassuring is that we can get over these financial patterns and break free once we notice them and understand where they come from. It’s a process for sure but wanting to change is the first step and then taking in new information to change that money mindset is really helpful (I love Marie Forleo’s videos for this:

      Regarding spending money on your blog, I would say that you should decide based on your goals. For example, if your three goals for your blog were: 1. Audience growth, 2. Generate revenue 3. Increase brand awareness then start with goal #1. So if it’s audience growth (which often it is), then think concretely about the ways that you can do this and if it requires money (ex: if you want to spend money on Facebook ads, paid SEO, etc). I actually did this exercise yesterday. I had so many things in my head about where I want to take my blog that I had to put all of it down on paper and as I scribbled away, things started to become more clear. Also, if you are looking for some great resources to bring your blog to the next level, I love, love love The Nectar Collective. Melyssa shares a ton of precious advice and guidance (including free and paid workshops) and it has really helped me up my game. ;) I would love for you to keep posted on how things evolve on your side (my Facebook page Have a great weekend my dear and thanks for sharing! xoxo Geneviève

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