During moments of darkness we can make two choices. ¬†There are those who are totally discouraged with humanity and those who are trying to bring light to a moment of darkness. Of course, this situation is tragic and quite disturbing and we have the right to be upset but it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of being disillusioned, negative and think that all hope is lost.

Yes, there is definitely darkness out there but there is also a lot of light and it’s what we choose to focus on that makes up our internal and external worlds. We might not be able to control a mad man from doing harm to others but we can choose how we react and what we bring to the situation: more negativity or perhaps a little love. Sounds cheesy? That’s fine with me.

Here’s the deal. When we choose to bring love, we change the energy of a given situation. For example, you might walk into the office this morning and the mood will be all gloomy doomy at the water cooler with talk of how horrible this tragedy is. Now I’m not saying to go all “Mrs. Positive” on everyone and be in denial about what happened in our nation’s capital.

The approach is a little more realistic than that. Just bring light into what you do today. Smile to people that cross your path. Maybe show someone that you have their back by helping out or just asking how they are doing. It’s the little gestures that can make a world of difference. We just underestimate them sometimes until someone does it to us.

Before I sign off, I want to share one incredible movie with you that is the perfect remedy to these darker moments that can bring despair. Watch the trailer below and then you can view the full film either on itunes or for free on You Tube (not that I am encouraging the second but it’s an option). It will give you a fresh perspective on what beauty humanity can create and how we have the power in our own little hands to bring forth the change we want.


So have a little faith today despite the circumstances and notice where there is light and beauty around you and see how you can contribute to that. Sending you lots of love my dears! xoxo

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