Want to find your purpose? As my favourite spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein explains in the video below, we can’t go out looking for our purpose. Our purpose has to find us. Sounds a little cryptic? It’s not really.

There are some questions we can ask ourselves to help guide us towards our purpose. Questions such as: What do you love doing? What inspires you? In my case, it would be several things: cooking/baking, yoga, running, healthy living, spiritual growth, fashion and inspiring others to be their best selves via all the aforementioned passions.

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So, do you ever ask yourself the big questions or do you simply go through life content with what is? Would love to hear from you on this exciting topic! Share your feedback in the comments below! Also, if you haven’t heard of Gabrielle Bernstein, I strongly recommend you check out her blog here. She has written four amazing books that truly changed the way I see life and gave me great tools.

The first two I read were Spirit Junkie and Add More Ing To Your Life and her more recent are Miracles Now (read my review) and May Cause Miracles which I started reading before the holidays but haven’t finished yet as I have the habit of starting about three books at the same time. Anyhoo, if you are just starting on your spiritual path, or don’t know what that even means but feel like life should be easier and more enjoyable, give these books (start with Add More Ing) a good read and you won’t be disappointed.

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And finally, if you are like me and enjoy doing exercises that can help you on your journey and to stay close to your purpose, you will love this post. I highly encourage you to read it. I did the fun exercise described and it really does help clarify what your heart truly desires.

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