Do you love making lists, checking items off, creating schedules, keeping people on track and basically micro managing every aspect of your life and/or work? That used to be me. When I was working in the corporate world, I was known for my mad project management skills. I got a thrill from making sure that production stayed on track and I was your go-to person when you wanted everything to run smoothly. But then, I decided to step outside that comfort zone to launch my own business, and boy is that a whole other ball game.

As a budding entrepreneur, I had no idea when I would begin earning money or where that revenue would come from. Don’t get me wrong, I started working my butt off the day after I left my old job. I was blogging daily, sending out articles and connecting with other wellness enthusiasts online. I also offered free weekly yoga classes to friends and ex-colleagues in order to perfect my practice and show people what I had to offer.

All that said, while I was doing the maximum to set myself up for success, I also had to take a step back and trust that my efforts would eventually generate business. This is where the powerful lesson comes in for all us control freaks: learning the art of letting go.

As I shared in a previous post on cultivating patience in my long distance relationship, learning the art of letting go can be another way to minimize “suffering” when we are waiting for something important in our lives. Whether it’s waiting for that amazing guy to call you back (yes, we’re modern and independent but we still do it), being on standby for an overdue promotion or hoping to be contacted by an employer for that second interview, we’ve all been in a place where we are holding on so tightly that our knuckles are turning white.

Not only is this not the most peaceful way to go about life but it also puts out a funky energy that honestly isn’t very sexy. You know that desperate vibe you can feel in someone’s voice or even in the tone of an email? That’s what you are putting out there when you are grasping onto something and trust me, it’s not doing you any favours. First of all, it says that you think you will be less if you don’t get what you want but also, you’re creating a lot of anxiety for yourself.

Plus, who’s to say that whatever you are lusting over is really going to make you that happy? One realization that I have come to is that life gives us not what we want but rather what we need. Yes, on some occasions that is one and the same but on others it’s not. We might think we want a certain type of job/partner/house/(insert your current obsession) but sometimes it turns out we are completely off track.

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So my message is this: you’ve gotta have a little faith and believe that life will bring forth what is meant to be.  As for where things are in my practice of letting go, I am beyond amazed at the opportunities that have come my way since I decided to actively follow my dreams and trust that things would fall into place.

I have been presented with the chance to build a lifestyle brand that is helping enhances the lives of many amazing women, I am volunteering at world-renowned yoga events like Lolë White and Wanderlust, I’ve started writing (and getting paid!) for a popular wellness website and I am teaching group yoga classes in the park. In addition to this, I am surrounded by inspiring teachers that are helping me grow as I walk down this new path.

I share these successes not to brag but to show you that when you put in the effort and when that energy comes from a good place (ex: my main goal is to be of service and contribute to the well-being of others) doors will open. You just have to be present, keep your eyes and mind opened (it might not look like what you thought it would) and watch the magic happen.

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