The holidays are often a period when most of our good habits go out the window. With that, comes bucket loads of guilt and feeling somewhat crappy physically and emotionally. Fortunately, there are some simple tools to have healthy holidays that don’t leave us feeling like we need another vacation to recuperate from this one. Here are three tips that allow me to find balance between enjoying this jolly time of year and treating my body, mind and soul with love and care.

#1 Keep moving!

It can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with your regular workout routine during the holidays, so the trick is to be realistic about what you can actually do given your circumstances. Maybe you’re traveling and don’t have access to your gym or you’re hosting so many parties you don’t have time for a full one hour session. In my book, the most important thing is to just keep moving even if that means not doing the “perfect” workout (i.e. the duration or intensity you normally do). Here are 3 simple and fun options:

a) Go for walk! I know it might not seem like a high calorie burner but it gets you out of the lethargic state we can fall into after too many big meals and late nights. Plus, getting some fresh air is the best way to feel human again after overindulging (whether that’s with food or booze).

b) Do a quick yoga session. Often a good stretch and a few deep breaths are exactly what we need to get back on track and give our body something restorative. Here are three 10 minute yoga flow videos that I practice to regularly. Once again, it’s not a full workout but it keeps you active and feeling good.

c) Do a fun at home workout. I used to be a totally gym bunny and never thought I would exercise from home. That was until I discovered Tracy Campoli. She has a ton of great toning and cardio sessions on her You Tube channel that don’t require any equipment at all (and if you need light weights just use a can of soup like I do when I’m traveling!).  You can see my favourite TC workouts here.

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#2 Check yourself before you reck yourself

With the number of people we interact with during the holidays and that some of those people are family members that know just how to push our buttons, it’s possible that we might feel a little out of yack, stressed and maybe even frustrated. Meditation is my favourite tool to re-center and find my inner peace. Just a few minutes of stillness allows us to put the little dramas in perspective and let that flared up ego calm down. I’ve been meditating every morning for the past three years and I share some of my beginner tips here.

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#3 Smoothies and juices are your best friend

It’s a good idea to prep your body (and immune system) to make it as strong and healthy as possible to tolerate the stress you might be submitting it to at Christmas (less sleep, more booze, rich foods, parties, etc). Smoothies and juices are also a powerful “weapon” to counter act overeating at parties. Drink one before you head out in order to feel satiated and avoid overeating. My all time favourite is the super yummy beetroot juice recipe below. Check out all my other go-to juices and smoothies.

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The key factor to remember is that it’s all about balance. Don’t strive for perfection or you’ll just end up being disappointed and then that negative feeling might translate into making no effort at all because you’re thinking “why bother?”. This is a joyful time of year so have fun and find that happy medium where you can enjoy yourself while treating your body well. Wishing you wonderful healthy holidays! xoxo

Want some concrete tools that can help you stay on a healthy path? Continue reading below!

Yoga image via Rachel Brathen.

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