Your thoughts create your reality. If you have limiting beliefs about what you are worth or what you are able to accomplish, your reality will reflect that. This is why it’s so important to develop an awareness of our thoughts and to learn to observe them with a certain distance and objectivity. The point isn’t to judge whether our thoughts are good or bad. If we label them “bad” we will then feel guilty and that can bring us down into a negativity spiral.

Rather than judging your thoughts, observe them and notice if they are serving you. It’s rare for a person to have only positive thoughts so don’t get upset with yourself if at first you notice there is a lot of darkness in your mental dialogBe thankful that at least you are now aware of it and that is the first step. Then when you catch yourself having an unkind thought about yourself or others, see how you could not only replace that thought with a more positive one but actually, sincerely see the situation differently.

I have found that the following 4 mantras from the book The 4 Agreements (read about it here) have helped guide my thoughts, words and actions and have created a reality for me that is most often peaceful and positive. I recite them every morning right after my meditation practice and before I get up:

May my word be impeccable
May I not make assumptions
May I not take things personally
May I always do my very best

It might seem simple when you first read these but they can have a profound impact in your life if you bring them with you throughout your day. You will start noticing when you are making assumptions that might be creating drama for nothing. You will spot when your ego has been bruised and is taking over with anger. It’s all about noticing your thoughts and seeing the reality they are creating.

Then it’s up to you to decide if you are happy with that reality or if you would like to create a new one. If you would like guidance with this, I am here to help. We can have a coaching session together and see the first steps that need to be taken to get on the right path to peace and happiness. Reach out to me at

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