Your magic is contagious. “What magic?” you ask yourself? The magic that you express everyday without realizing it probably. The way you make people laugh and smile, the tummies you satisfy with your great food, the minds you stimulate with the knowledge you share, the connections you create between the people you bring together.

We all create magic throughout the day but we take our gifts for granted most of the time when we should be grateful and in awe of the beauty we are creating. Whatever we put out there does affect those around us and our energy is contagious so it’s important to be aware of it and make sure that it’s benefiting others.

If you want to feel joy today, start taking moments to notice that magic and acknowledge what is coming from you and impacting others in a positive manner. We are so often in a rush that we don’t take the time to appreciate the specialness of what unfolds during our day. Slow down just a little and let your focus zoom in on those magical moments. They are everywhere around you if you take the time to see them. Wishing you a fabulous Friday. xoxo

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Image by Jasmine Dowling

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