What better way to start our week than with a reminder that you possess the key to happiness. When we connect with the immense potential that resides in us, happiness becomes an unlimited source. Depending on outside circumstances to create our happiness can be a little risky because they are out of our control and can change at any moment. For example, if you take great pride in the prestigious title you have at work, what happens if you lose it?

My goal isn’t to make this a scare tactic but rather to shift your focus inwards. That is where you have all that you need to be happy. You are truly an amazing being and you can create a life that will fulfill you beyond what you had imagined but for that you must rely on and fully develop your giftsOne way I have found useful to tap into my inner resources and develop my potential is to look to inspiring women around me. Women with whom my true self resonates with.

Diane Von Furstenberg is a great example of this. She is an entrepreneur with a beautiful soul and big heart. She is powerful and strong but also warm and caring. She represents the type of woman I want to be and the wonderful gifts I can bring into this world. I highly recommend reading her book The Woman I Wanted To BeSee today how you can tap into your potential even more by looking inwards rather than outwards for happiness. The key really is there. We just have to be still and aware enough to see it. Wishing you a wonderful Monday. xoxo

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