You are braver than you believe. Many of us underestimate ourselves while we have a huge untapped power within us that often goes untouched. This beautiful quote is actually from Winnie the Pooh (Christopher Robin) and it’s such a lovely message to pass on to children to instil self-confidence in them and let them know that they are loved.

We should also keep this reminder close at hand as adults. As kids, we often believe that anything is possible but somehow along the way to being a grown up we forget that. We need to see ourselves and love ourselves for the beautiful beings we are. You are capable of so much if you learn to go within and believe. Block out those negative voices and naysayers. That’s just fear speaking.

You can learn to listen to the voice of love. It might be there just as a whisper for now but it’s in every single one of us. It just depends how much room you give it to grow and if you consciously choose to release the fear that has been taking its place.

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