Every morning when we wake up, we face multiple decisions and we have the opportunity to write your own story. Most decisions are little ones that we barely give a second thought to but it’s those small choices that create the life we haveWhen we make these decisions, it’s like we are holding a pen and writing the story of our life. Various factors influence these decisions such as our parents, our upbringing, our friends and our fears.

We must make sure that we are fully aware when making our decisions because if we underestimate their importance, we can end up lost and wonder how we got there. Each of our lives can be a truly amazing story. A unique story that we are proud of. Not because it is grandiose but because it’s OUR story. A journey that nobody else will experience that is a precious gift.

What do you want this journey to be and who is currently at the wheel? Keep these questions in mind as you move through your day and decide in which direction you want to go. Wishing you a wonderful Monday! 

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