Sometimes in life, difficult decisions must be made. Decisions that scare us and that we avoid making because it puts us in front of the unknown. But what is better: living in a “comfortable” unhappiness where you are surrounded by the familiar but aren’t having your needs meet or giving yourself the chance to find true happiness even if it means risking big?

Either one requires work but at some point when you stay in the familiar but unhappy you start to feel like you are betraying yourself.

Reaching for our dreams and for what we know deep down inside makes us happy can be very scary and require a lot of work. Or it might not. It could come very easily. But the trick is, if you don’t try, you will never know… We all deserve to be happy and fulfilled. It’s part of our purpose. Life requires effort but I do believe that when you step into that place when you are connected to your true self, everything starts to flow.

It might be a scary leap but that courage will be rewarded. Go ahead, believe and go for it. You will be surprised just how much life has your back.

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