Work hard. Stay humble. Love starting the week with a good mantra. It can be nice to choose a mantra or an intention for your week in order to better guide you actions and decisions. Sometimes we forget what is at the core of who we are, why we do what we do or even our key values. Life can tend to just take over and then before we know it we’re on automatic pilot and time has escaped us.

That’s what is so great about a mantra especially if you integrate it in a morning meditation (which can last a minute or more depending on your level of comfort): it allows your attention to stay more focused, more aligned with who you truly are and what you want out of life.

In this A.D.D. society (and I include myself in this), focus is a precious resource and skill. So many things are screaming for our attention and we must work hard to block out the external noise to remember what truly matters.

Working hard doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about your job. It can be working on yourself, on a project dear to your heart and just working towards being a better person overall.

I know that everyday I meditate on being more compassionate, less judgmental (I’m human after all), on finding ways to create more peace and love in the world and on creating an inspiring life for myself and others (that’s what the Red Fairy Project is all about). What’s precious to you that you wish to work on this week?

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