Who inspires you? Why is this an important question to ask yourself? Because it’s a great way to notice if you actually surround yourself with inspiring people which is so important in creating a fulfilling life. Once you can identify who inspires you, tell them!! This is the perfect occasion to share your love and appreciation for someone that is making a difference in your life and might not even realize it.

Tell the person that inspires you because sometimes we get so busy and caught up in the daily grind that we forget to pop in and say hello to those who matter the most.

Tell someone they inspire you because it will make them feel like a million bucks and you will feel great too thanks to your kind gesture.

And finally tell someone they inspire you because you can. You have it within you to share kindness and inspiration with others so why not take the time to do it. Imagine the world we could create if we focused just a little more on daily inspiration and a little less on daily dramas.

Sending you all lots of love and here are 5 people who inspire me: my business partner and soul sister Jennifer Jane Young, my friend and life mentor Manon Leduc, Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox because she represents the blogger I want to be, Oprah for her wisdom and positive impact on this world, Tracy Campoli for her authenticity, positive energy and healthy living guidance!

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