It’s day two of your week: where are you heading? If you want to build your life in a conscious manner (meaning wanting something and truly going for it), it’s important to take regular stops along the way to see where you are going. Take a look back at yesterday and see if you allocated time to what really matters to you. Did you take actions that will bring you closer to your goals and towards building a fulfilling life?

Then look forward. Where do you think your current actions and mindset will take you? Do you feel like you are on the right path? Does your heart want to sing when you wake up in the morning? That might sound ridiculous to you right now but this type of life is possible. Not all day and everyday (crappy moments happen to the best of us) but we are meant to be happy and free in this life.

Notice where each part of your day is taking you. Where are you heading if you continue on this path? Are you creating a life filled with health, joy and connection to others? Tap into what is most precious to your heart. That deep desire that your mind probably says is impossible. Now know that this desire is not only possible but it’s part of your purpose during your time here. Make sure you take small actions every day so you are heading in that direction. There might be detours along the way but you can get there. Just remember to pause often, ask yourself “where am I heading?” and if you are off course, just determine the ways you can slowly get back on track. You have what it takes within you. Trust.

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P.S. This visual comes from Danielle Laporte’s app #truthbomb. I have it on my phone and just love the daily alerts that remind me to check in and stay in touch with what truly matters to me.

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